Northern VA Landscaping Services

Mulching Services & Bed Care

Mulching is beneficial for a variety of reasons and is a process that should be part of your lawn care plan.  Mulch prevents weeds, minimizes soil compaction, retains moisture, and gives your property a neat and uniform appearance.

There are a variety of materials and colors that can be used to enhance your property.  The preferred material is laid over the top soil around your plants, beds, and garden.  Our expert landscapers can help you determine the best mulch for your property.

Pavers & Paver Wall Installation

We can help enhance your outdoor living space with a low-maintenance hardscape walkway or patio.  Our landscaping experts can offer a variety of natural and man-mane stone pavers to choose from.  We are here to help you decide what design, style, and materials would best compliment your property.

Plant Installation, Trimming & Pruning

Our landscape experts can install a variety of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs that deliver an instant aesthetic impact to your property. Plants installation can be customized to your color preferences and maintenance preferences.  We also offer trimming and pruning services to keep your property looking neat and professional.

Irrigation Startups & Winterization

To keep your property lush and healthy, it is important to have proper irrigation for your lawn and plants.  Our watering solutions are effective, eco friendly, and will keep your property looking great! WWhen winter approaches, your irrigation system could get damaged from freezing temperatures, so we offer sprinkler maintenance and winterization services to help you avoid unnecessary issues and repairs.

Landscape Lighting

We can help transform your property with strategically placed landscape lighting that can illuminate your landscape as well as your home.  Our low voltage lighting will enhance your landscaping, gardens, trees, and dark areas around your home.  We offer a variety of options that will create a safe and inviting outdoor space.

Leaf Cleanup/Removal 

If you need help with leaf removal during fall and springtime, our friendly landscape experts are here to assist you.  We provide professional leaf cleanup and removal services for big and small residential properties.